Call for projects: Smart Mirror Device W8 applications

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the coolest app of all?

You get up, look in the mirror, check the weather and headlines, send an e-mail, go on Facebook,
tweet, watch a YouTube clip and listen to your favorite music.

All thanks to your mirror… which can even reply “You’re the smartest for 2 clicks around. It’s shaping up to be a great day!” Or maybe “Today you’ve reached 1,000 fans for your new flash mob event! Go for it!”

There are lots of portals to the web, and more are constantly coming along: smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, … you name it. But what about the physical medium, the screen? If the medium is the message, it can also be the portal. The possibilities are endless. One of them might even be staring
us in the face: the mirror!

Mirrors are everywhere. At home, in hotels, in shops, on walls in public buildings, in the entrance halls of apartments, schools, hospitals, …. Mirrors are used not just for looking at yourself but increasingly also in architecture and interior decor.

Imagine developing a mirror app that becomes “the” hot topic of digital news

Consider key trends like videoconference, remote monitoring, remote assistance, lifestyle coaching, creating a nice ambiance, … There’s a whole world of possible interactions with a Smart Mirror device that includes:

  • Screen
  • Touch
  • Sound
  • Webcam
  • Light (in various colors)
  • Internet
  • Kinect technology

We are AGC – the world’s largest manufacturer of flat glass – with a focus on real innovative products and a willingness to embrace even the most daring ideas. We are currently looking at the Smart Mirror market, thinking about launching an active mirror device, possibly with you as a developer of particular apps.
Team up with us and help to shape the future of glass!


    • 22nd June, 2012: Launch of call for projects on the MIC Mons website
      (www.mic-belgique.be) and the AGC website (www.agc-glass.eu)
    • Summer, 2012: Come to MIC Mons to see the Smart Mirror prototype and play around with it. Contact person is Renaud Dumont (renaud@mic-belgique.be or via mobile:
      +32 495/ 64 88 95)
    • Do you think you can turn your idea into a Smart Mirror App? Respond to this call for projects:
      • Send an e-mail with your contact details (Mail : callW8@mic-belgique)
      • Your app needs to run on any Windows 8 device and must be certified by the Windows Store. All Windows 8 resources are available here
      • Before 30 October, 2012: you need to confirm your app certification by sending us an e-mail with your app URL from the Windows Store

MIC can support you (by e-mail / phone) for these procedures.

There are 3 different categories of valid Windows 8 apps for this call for projects:

  • General Windows 8 app which could also be used on the Smart Mirror device
  • Specific app for the Smart Mirror, e.g. for use in a specific environment: hotel, traveler, hospital,
    home, …
  • Demonstrators = Prospective / demo apps that illustrate interesting business applications to be
    developed later for the Smart Mirror in context

timing & selection process


  • The developers of the winning apps will have the chance to become preferred AGC app partners if the smart mirror device goes on the market. This means that AGC will offer your app to the partner(s) who do the product assembly and/or sales, to preload your app on the device.
  • The winning apps will feature in the presentation and test campaign that will be run by AGC to evaluate the potential of the Smart Mirror market in late 2012 / early 2013.
  • The Microsoft Innovation Center will distribute a business case success story for Microsoft publications (such as MSDN Magazine, Innovation Magazine, etc.)
  • And last but not least… the top 3 apps selected by the jury will win cash awards of $ 3000, $ 1500 and $ 500 respectively.


    • The results developed by the project participants must be in the form of an app published in the Windows Store.
      • If you apply before General Availability:
        • You may want to register for a Windows 8 course
        • You should take part in an App clinic to review the App interface
        • You should attend an excellence LAB organized by Microsoft Belux
        • You have to get your app certified by the windows Store
      • If you apply after General Availability:
        • You have to get your app certified by the windows Store
    • Developers retain full ownership of the Intellectual Property rights of their applications.


  • AGC cannot guarantee that the Smart Mirror Device will be launched. This call for projects / ideas / apps will initially feed the Market Potential evaluation process.
  • If AGC decides – at its sole discretion – not to launch the Smart Mirror device, participants in the call for projects accept that there will be no product placement and no preloading of apps.


AGC Glass Europe is the European glass branch of AGC, a world-leading supplier of display, flat and
automotive glass, chemicals and other high-tech materials and components. Drawing on more than a century of technical innovation, AGC group has developed world-class expertise in glass.
The base-line ‘GLASS UNLIMITED’ reflects the possibilities offered by:

  • glass as a material to meet a growing variety of needs (comfort, energy control, health & safety,aesthetics);
  • innovation in products and processes, derived from sustained research in advanced glass technology; (www.agc-glass.eu/English/Homepage/Innovation)
  • over 100 sites throughout Europe, from Spain to Russia;
  • a worldwide marketing network;
  • its 14,000 employees focused on the customer.


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